My Own Dream: Inspired by Endurance Swimmer Diana Nyad

Sixty-four year old Diana Nyad finally achieved her lifelong dream of swimming from Cuba to the Florida Keys. This was the fifth try in 35 years for Nyad. In the past, she has had to quit because of shark danger, jellyfish stings, fatigue, dehydration, boat issues, etc.  But the 110-mile journey ended successfully with Nyad swimming onto the Florida shore after a two-day trek.

Nyad’s mantra has been “You are never too old to chase your dreams”, and so I too am embracing this message and tomorrow, I am going to walk that mile-and-a-half to Dunkin’ Donuts for an apple fritter instead of taking the car.  Thank you Diana!

By: Robert Banh
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6 thoughts on “My Own Dream: Inspired by Endurance Swimmer Diana Nyad”

  1. My dream (besides becoming a published writer at some point):

    To buy a really good but not to expensive bicycle and ride it around the neighborhood without getting hit by a car or falling into a sidewalk crack or a pothole.

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