New York City Experiencing a Murder Drought

NYC has gone an entire week without a murder. Some possible reasons for this positive trend:

1.Like everyone else, would-be murderers are spending their time hunting for their Miley Cyrus twerking outfit–this year’s most sought after Halloween costume.


2.Murderers have vowed to stay on the right side of the law until the NY Giants win a game.


3.With so much attention focused on the congress and the government shutdown, homicidal maniacs feel it’s a waste of time to commit murders if the press is not going to pay attention


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6 thoughts on “New York City Experiencing a Murder Drought”

  1. I think all major cities have such droughts but hang in there and before you know it, normal service will resume!

  2. Whatever is keeping murders from happening here, may it continue for a long time to come (except for the government shutdown, of course).

    A bit of surprising trivia: New York City isn’t all that bad when it comes to crime. We don’t even make the lists of most dangerous US cities. Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis, Miami and St. Louis are well ahead of us.

    So, actually, it’s pretty safe to live here, at least in comparison to other places.

  3. I think it’s totally related!! Getting rid of the government wackaloons could stop crime!!!

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