No Panties Allowed

I recently saw this sign outside the Wal-mart dressing rooms. I’ll have to be more conscientious about following the rules next time. I wonder what the attendant woud say if I stripped out of my undies before entering the fitting area. Do they keep them in a basket, or should I hang mine on the doorknob with my garment number?

On a busy day, finding your panties might be similar to that game we played as kids where they put everyone’s shoes in a pile, and you had to be the first one to find yours and put them back on. If someone accidentally takes mine, do I get new ones?

I never expected to see such a rule in a family establishment, but I guess that’s what this world is coming to. Sam Walton is probably rolling over in his grave. Or perhaps, he’s simply enjoying the view.

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9 thoughts on “No Panties Allowed”

  1. The title brought me here! I don’t think those signs are telling the truth at all. Some signs can’t handle all the power they possess and start thinking they can make the rules up as they go along. Signs are the new bouncers, you heard it here first!

      1. Well, they already have a number of shoppers in PJs at WalMart, so leaving the undies home only slightly adds to the casual atmosphere! But maybe I can get a volunteer job as a dressing room attendant!

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