Oh Brother

By: Life Mental Health

I grew up in a family with three older sisters (and no brothers). As a kid I often found my hair being braided and my fingernails being painted. As a result, I never braid my hair or paint my fingernails as an adult.

But I never longed to have a brother. I had guy friends, so I didn’t really ever think about what I might’ve missed. But the other day I found that out while doing a bit of research on comas.

On Yahoo Answers I was reading the user-generated answers to the question “What happens when someone wakes up from a coma?” And one guy wrote this:

“Not sure about your answer, but my brother was in a coma for 5 days. And when he woke up I told him it was ten years later than it actually was. You should’ve seen his face!”

I can imagine. Yup, I probably missed out on some great humor, but I’m okay with that.

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5 thoughts on “Oh Brother”

  1. My brother was also the youngest. I’m the oldest and my sister is the middle child.

    I feel sorry for my poor brother, growing up with all that estrogen in the house. On the other hand, he was never made to vacuum the floor or wash dishes, so being male had its advantages.

  2. I’ll have to stop posting o Yahoo Answers but I did think it was funny at the time!

  3. That is a mean brother thing! I understand your plight. My family was three girls and then the king was born and my husband is also three daughters and a son. I swore growing up that I would never marry an only son — so much for goals!

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