One you pop, you just can’t stop or can you?

When the zombie apocalypse comes, the zombies will want brains so Paris Hilton should have nothing to worry about. This is no laughing matter. If we were visited by aliens and they were confronted with Donald Trump’s hair, this would be a good thing because they would not be able to figure out what his hair is made of and they might get bored and just go away. Be the threat from zombies, aliens or Nuns, we should probably get the great thinkers together in a room and wonder why it took so long to come up with this solution before we work on more pressing matters:


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10 thoughts on “One you pop, you just can’t stop or can you?”

  1. Very clever! But maybe you could just fold the pringles over each other like Kleenex, so a new one would always replace the one you just pulled out!

    1. That idea is just brilliant. Some might say it’s too brilliant for Pringles. I would be some!

  2. You know that little Pringle knob might make people eat less. If they are not digging into the container they might not pull out four or five at a time. This is interesting and positive except for the zombie and eating brains thing.

    1. Somebody in work said there was more chance of zombies eating our brains that Pringles adopting that knob! That somebody was me!

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