Pastor: Tebow Release Proves NFL Persecutes Christians, Bad Players

Pastor Rick Douglas of Providence Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana addressed NFL football in his most recent sermon. He accused the NFL of a long pattern of persecution of Christians and poor performers on the field.


“Don’t you think there’s something mighty suspicious about the New England Patriots releasing a Christian player, in a so-called Christian nation, just because he doesn’t appear to be able to hit a moving target… or even a stationary target with the football? A man takes the Jesus as his Lord and Savior and then the next thing he knows he’s packing his bags. I don’t know when it was that the Patriots learned of his Christianity… Was it last week? Was it this week? But it might have been a factor in his release. And there were other players released, too. And I have heard a lot of them were Christian as well! I’m not saying one thing or the other. I just think that’s something someone ought to look into, that’s all.”

Douglas followed up with reporters on Tuesday, adding that he now has documented proof that a majority of the NFL players released during final cut downs are, in fact, Christian, cementing his theory that their faith was targeted in their release.

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5 thoughts on “Pastor: Tebow Release Proves NFL Persecutes Christians, Bad Players”

  1. You’d think with all the tight end troubles the Patriots were experiencing Tebow would sacrifice his ego in an effort to help the team, at least get on the field.

    He’s a functional running back w/ the speed and agility to also play tight end. By insisting he only wants to play QB, Tebow is displaying un-Christian behavior, not willing to be humble enough to sacrifice his desire to be the leader.

    The preacher needs to chew on that for a while.

  2. Don’t laugh. I made the mistake of commenting on Sporting News about Tebow seeking the spotlight and that probably was the worst thing for his career and 850 hardcore Christians yelled at me that I didn’t get the role of Christ in his life and how it’s his belief in Christ that is at the core of his dismissals in the NFL. I also made the mistake or re-responding, “No, I think he just stinks.” I am officially going to hell.

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