Play Balls!

By: Joe Shlabotnik

Are you thinking about being a stay home Dad? Do you want to tend to your child in the same way your  child’s mother does? ( I would have said wife here, but it could be girlfriend, significant other, ex-partner or just the one night stand that you  knocked up) Anyway, you have every right to be that full time dad, but scientists are issuing one word of caution to you if you go down this path: Your testicles  might shrink.  Yes, according to a study by Emory University, nurturing men have smaller testicle size. Why?  Apparently, it has something to do with whole hunting and procreating thing. Men who are competitive and want to be the provider tend to have more testosterone flowing which form  baseballs  while those who focus on building a home and nesting sport golf balls. Need it simpler?  Use them or lose them.

Before all you stay-at-home or nurturing Dads change your parenting habits in hopes of preserving your natural attributes, know this: Smaller testicles do make a man more empathetic and less aggressive – which are attractive qualities to women.  And with less testosterone filling those manly areas, you won’t be thinking about sex 24-7 giving  you more time for other outlets that will expand your horizons. Shoe sales are always fun.

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8 thoughts on “Play Balls!”

  1. I’ve been working from home since 2007. Can you tell me more about these “testicles” you speak of and while I’m 90% sure I have them, I mean I should have them, right – do you know if they could be purchased?

  2. I just watched a program (and this is no joke)the man with the 190 pound scrotum and he wants them removed. I see lots of Jimmy Choo’s in his future.

    1. I saw that too Deb! I would think having all that equipment has to be physically exhausting!

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