Please vote for me

I’m beginning to wonder if my application to become the next Pope has been taken seriously. Having said that, I’m not even sure if is the right email address. I wasn’t sure if I should send my unfinished novel “How to remove Bon Jovi from the realms of consciousness vol. 1-568” but there’s some damn good ideas in there so I just went for it. I think my biggest mistake was the part of the application that asked about sex. I really hope those papal HR folk have a sense of humor:


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10 thoughts on “Please vote for me”

  1. First:Personally, I think you be a great pope. Scond: how does one become cheese? Is it some alien come-to-Earth process or falling into the machinery at a dairy farm or having parents who are cows? Interesting, but even cheese people should be allowed the chance to be pope, and in fact, a cheese man will probably beat a non-cheese woman to that office.

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