Proof Of The Afterlife

By: Dávid Sterbik

I’m walking through the clothes section at Fred Meyers. It’s housed in a large room, roughly the size of a high-school gymnasium. There are probably fifty racks bulging with clothes hanging on hangers. Apart from one guy up ahead, the room is empty. The guy stands at a rack adjacent to the center aisle, checking out shirts.

I walk down the aisle, approaching the guy. He moves around the circular rack and stops with his back facing me. Just as I walk past, the guy farts.

I keep walking, for obvious reasons, and think “What are the chances?”. This store is open 12 hours per day, which clocks in at 720 minutes. There are at least fifty racks of clothes to check out. So what are the chances that the only two guys in the store are at the exact same spot at the exact moment that one guy lets it rip.

There can only be two ways this happens:

1) It was intentional. The guy (probably mid-fifties) picked a rack next to the aisle and waited for someone to walk by. This is sick. And I completely approve. We need more diversity in the world, not less.

2) The guy had nothing to do with this. Someone from the after-life just thought it would be funny. They saw me closing in and decided to play a harmless little practical joke. This, too, I fully approve of.

Good one Dad, ya got me. We all miss you.

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