Raging Doctors! – What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The ad that appears below is possibly one of the most bizarre ads I have ever seen. When I first saw it, without reading the words, I thought it was an ad for domestic abuse, because the “model” looked as if she had been punched in the mouth. Then I thought perhaps the ad was for elephantiasis of the lips.

When I noticed Dr. Oz’s name attached to the ad, I squinted my eyes and raised my eyebrows in that knowing kind of way that says, “hmm, something is amiss here.” I remembered quite clearly from the Dr. Oz show, an announcement made by Dr. Oz, saying specifically – numerous times – that any ad promoting any product with his name affiliated with it – was a lie! And those lips certainly looked nothing like anything resembling truth.

Upon further inspection of the ad, the next word that jumped out at me was, “tricks.” Ah, I thought – maybe we could enlarge our lips using photo-enhancing techniques!

But no – the ad was not about domestic abuse or lip enlargement. It was about wrinkles. What’s to glean from the ad, I wondered – that a thousand Botox injections plunged into the lips erases wrinkles from the face? Well, why not? Who would notice wrinkles when your lips look so large they make Angelina Jolie’s lips look like tiny slits in her face. Maybe that was the point of the ad.

But the part of the ad that really got me laughing was the wording. I could just imagine a bunch of doctors collecting at a convention raging mad over some cheap wrinkle tips that Dr. Oz had come across.


At the convention:

Speaker: Doctors, listen up! The time for waging war on Dr. Oz is upon us! (clap clap) For years we have been making tons of money from pharmaceutical companies at the expense of our patients. (thunderous clap) But now Dr. Oz wants to reveal two cheap wrinkle tips! (shouts and more claps) Who does he think he is, Robin Hood? (stomping, clapping, shouting) Let’s hear our new mantra.

Audience members (in loud uproarious voices): Dr. Oz is making us furious and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Speaker: I can’t heeeeeear you.

Audience members (screaming so loud the room reverberates with their anger): DR. OZ IS MAKING US FURIOUS AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!


Ah yes. Doctors everywhere are FURIOUS with Dr. Oz. Furious, I say. Absolutely FUR-I-OUS!

The final laugh comes from the lettering in the ad – the writer must have decided to vomit a few diacritic marks above some of the letters, perhaps thinking they would add a more ferocious tone to the obviously angry ad, revealing lips that have no wrinkles.




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