10 thoughts on “Ready…Aim…Fire?”

  1. Amana you kidding, Donna? This is seriously happening… in Iowa? Idiots Out Walking Around… with guns? Donna, do you mind if I extend this, research it further? If true, it’s too rich a vein not to mine.

    Blind toters, hopes they have good Ames. Otherwise, with our litigious society, it could be Sioux City.

    Two blind Iowans in a duel? Sad news, they shot their dogs.

  2. I can just see the embarrassment while filling out the Emergency Room questionnaire:

    Why are you here?

    Well … uh … I was shot by a blind guy.

  3. Years ago I worked for a weekly newspaper that never had enough news, so we occasionally made up a few items. This one would have made the cut.

    1. One time, driving through a McD’s drive thru, I noticed that there was braille on the window so the driver, if blind, could read how to ring the bell for the server. ANd I thought then, Do blind people drive through this window. This makes that look uneventful.

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