Rebel, Rebel…

Thanks for dropping by. Take a look around and maybe have a bit of a laugh at the mocking. Sometimes I think I make things too easy. You drop by and maybe have a bit of a laugh at the nonsense. Maybe you might count how many times there’s a mention of Bon Jovi hatred. Maybe you wonder if I really am as stupid as you think I am. Well I am but today marks a change. Until now, I have given you what you want but it ends here and now, in this very moment. You might not notice anything different tomorrow or the day after that or a Monday in the year 2016 but the time will come when:


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6 thoughts on “Rebel, Rebel…”

    1. Thank you soooo much Don Don’s. You know I have no problem declaring my own brilliance but when others do it, it just confuses me to the max!

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