Republicans Outraged Over Leaked Photos of New Presidential Motorcade

Presidential Impala? has leaked photos of what it describes as the yet unannounced new Presidential vehicle which will replace the Cadillac ‘Beast’ that currently transports the President and his family. The site claims that the switch will occur on this coming inauguration day on Monday. Republicans reacted angrily at the photos, which appear to show something that may be a cherry red 1964 Chevy Impala with hydraulics.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor complained that “in a struggling economy with mounting deficits, this is no time to spend lavishly on yourself.”

Speaker of the House John Boehner echoed his sentiments about living frugally “when the nation is hurting.”

But still others focused more on the substance and image, if not the perceived price tag. Former Alaska governor and current worthless person Sarah Palin said that “it sends the wrong image” and “thugs up the Presidency.”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh went even further, “This is what we knew he’d do all along. He’s been sitting around, acting all professorial…but all along he’s been waiting to usher in this thug life that he’s secretly been living ever since Kenya. Spending all of the taxpayer’s money to live his urban lifestyle, if you know what I mean. Look, he’s even scheduled his second inauguration on Martin Luther King Day. You think that was an accident? This is a signal that there’s nothing stopping him now. All of those things I’ve been warning you about that he’s never actually done? Well…yeah…he’s probably going to do those now. It looks like a gangster car. Where was that made even? Certainly not in America! Impala? What’s that, an African animal, right? Can’t you see it, people? He’s probably going to start wearing his pants low and drinking forties. I knew it as soon as I saw that video of him bowling. He’s just not one of us. And now he’s spending all of the country’s money on gangster culture!”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that the comments were silly and wrong. “The President is not ushering in any new ‘era of blackness’. The picture does show the new Presidential vehicle, but we came out ahead because we sold the Cadillac…and the Impala was a gift from the President’s new Postmaster General, Snoop Dogg.”

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3 thoughts on “Republicans Outraged Over Leaked Photos of New Presidential Motorcade”

  1. “Impala? What’s that, an African animal, right?

    Oh that was the clencher right there for me. Send in the KKK.

  2. Looks like the car of someone who’s in charge! It’s also a symbol of “lifting ourselves up”, even if it is with hydraulics and not more jobs.

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