There’s an old Chinese saying “The person who seeks revenge should dig two graves.” I thought of this as I read a story about a man attempting to publicly shame his cheating wife and her lover. He plastered very detailed fliers about the affair around the neighborhood, as well as at the wife’s lover’s workplace and church. You can see the flier below, on which I have added the appropriate response by community members to a public shaming. Because you never want to let The Humiliators win.


Start digging, pal. And please get help.

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5 thoughts on “Revenge!”

  1. What this guy doesn’t understand is that his flyer simply demonstrates why he’s an idiot and probably why his wife cheated on him. I never understand people who seek revenge. I find the best revenge is humor. It makes the person angry that you didn’t take the bait and respond in a hateful way. It also makes me laugh, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

    Love the response comment!

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