Ronan O’Brien doesn’t have any eyelids.

Ronan O’Brien was a nondescript, cold-hearted kid who didn’t give much away. He carried the same blank expression every time you saw him and was hard to read. To describe him as lazy is to do an injustice to the lazy but he never seemed in a hurry to go anywhere and his feet were always so firmly planted in the ground that the only thing that would move him would be an act of god. He wasn’t the greatest conversationalist in the world but he did seem at one with his thoughts. I asked him what he thought about chat show hosts and he didn’t even bat a non-existent eyelid:


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8 thoughts on “Ronan O’Brien doesn’t have any eyelids.”

    1. That’s a very harsh thing to say Mario, you don’t even know the dude.

    1. I think his head is in direct proportion to that other ginger, Conan O’Brien.

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