Samsung Releases Amazing Smartwatch Which Includes Native Clock and Alarm Apps

Samsung Electronics has announced the release of its much anticipated smartwatch, named Samsung Galaxy Gear, to mixed response.

Tech expert Coy McDavid:

“Why would I want this? It’s huge. It’s ugly. All it does is prevent me from taking my phone out of my pocket, which is…just right there in my pocket. It’s sizing is all wrong. And there’s no picture of a fruit anywhere on it!”


Samsung’s head of mobile communications, J.K. Shin agreed:

“Yes, it is pretty useless. But it’s a smart…watch. People buy plenty of stupid products. Especially if you attach the name “smart” to them. People like to be smart. Remember the snuggie? And it didn’t have lights or sounds or anything. People will buy this if for no other reason than to impress their friends. When you walk into a room with this baby on your arm, you are saying, “I had $299 that I could have just thrown right in the garbage, but instead I bought THIS!”

“But even though it is incredibly stupid, the device does have many useful apps like ‘Clock’ and ‘Alarm’. Right on your wrist, you can literally see the time without having an actual clock nearby. And if you want to be alerted to something at a particular time, there’s an app for that, too. It’s revolutionary. It’s futuristic. People like futuristic stuff. Even if it’s stupid.”

McDavid agreed that the “clock” and “alarm” features did sound promising if given time to evolve, but that the product was still not worth $299.

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