Say Yes to the Dead Bird Dress?

So, you are getting married?  Now that you have that ring on your finger, what is next? Well, if you are like most brides, you want to get THE dress.  Dresses are as varied as brides’ tastes. Some women yearn for a traditional look; some yearn for a modern look; and some yearn for well… roadkill.  Yes, roadkill.  Jess Eaton, a fashion designer in Great Britain, has launched Roadkill Couture Bridal Collection which makes wedding dresses from dead animals.  Although she is quick to point out she doesn’t kill the animals to use in her designs, she does use animals that have expired.

Some people are outraged, but I say if a bride wants to wear dead birds or dead deer, have at it.  Actually, I think these designs could revolutionize the wedding industry and cut down on the costs associated with the event.   How?  After the couple says their “I Dos”,  the bride can pull apart her dress and serve it for dinner.



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5 thoughts on “Say Yes to the Dead Bird Dress?”

  1. This is nothing new. Back in the time of the cavemen, people were wearing dead animal parts to cover themselves.

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t diminish the yuck factor. 😛

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