Scriptural Fantasy at its Best

 michelle as God obama lookalike as satan

If some Obama lookalike has to play Satan in the History Channel’s “The Bible” then I want Michelle Williams to play God


So the bible thumpers are all in a stir about some Obama lookalike portraying Satan on the History Channel’s production of “The Bible”.   It’s not enough that these people take the ancient scriptures as the inerrant word of God seriously but now they seem to relish in the notion that their mortal enemy in the White House has been aptly casted in a video version of this fantasy.  And of course some liberals and other Obamaphiles are mad as hell.

Well I have a solution.  If the liberal anger is partly the result of the glee that many of the religious right or displaying on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sources, then Mark Burnnett, the producer of the History Channel series ought play “fair and balanced” and cast someone like Michelle Williams as God.  The religious right would self-implode over such imagery.

The outcome could generate a great success however, not only for the series but for the decreasing constituency of Christianity today.  The Ayn Rand right, who already think Obama is the anti-Christ would be convinced that perhaps now is the time to recommit their questionable faith to a religion that talks up altruism too much.

The liberals on the other hand would also feel encouraged to take another look at the Church that has so long been dominated by the patriarchal policies of an all-male culture.  Hey! If I believed that God looked like Michelle Williams, who did an excellent portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in the 2011 film, My Week with MarilynI might also consider laying prostrate for eternity with such a heavenly host.

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    1. Now we’re starting to make this a great fantasy. Let’s bring in Charlton Heston for the scene when Jesus raises Lazarus.

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