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I never thought I’d share the mindset of science-deniers. You know the type – the guy who sees a picture of the North Pole looking like a lake for the first time in recorded history and says “Humans aren’t responsible for that. It’s just a natural aberration. I mean, our winter this year was freezing cold.”

Well, the other day I joined that science skepticism. I was walking home and saw a big billboard advertising Coors. Two beer cans were bursting out of a cool, fresh glacier, throwing off shards of ice. And the bottom of the billboard displayed the reassuring motto: “Scientifically Refreshing.”

I’d really like to see the science behind that claim. Has it been peer reviewed? Can I find it in some academic journal like The New England Journal Of Advertising Using Big-Breasted Women?

Yes, I’m doubtful. Because this is what I think the claim is based on:

Coors hired a pair of behavioral scientists, most likely guys from Northeastern Nevada State University who were desperate for grant money. The scientists studied a group of frat guys, who were shown various websites for five seconds while drinking Coors. And after sucking down enough cans of Coors, the subjects couldn’t stop refreshing the one site that was showing porn.

I grabbed a Coors on the way home that day. It wasn’t bad. Actually, it was somewhat refreshing. Yeah, I fell for it, but I still wanna see the science.

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4 thoughts on “Show Me The Science”

  1. The ad is for Coors Light. For thousands of years people drank good, strong beer and loved it. Those were known as the good old days.

  2. okay, it didn’t take my comment. Let’s try again, better yet, let’s get our own grant money to see why WordPress didn’t take my comment. I just love the refreshing the porn page part. You are so funny!

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