Sick, But Not In The Cool Way


Hey Gang! Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer here….Due to the barrage of emails no one sent, I am forced to address my absence last week.  Yours truly was struck with a whopping case of the flu.  I know it’s hard to believe that any form of negativity could permeate my system. I try to keep it away by meditating daily, enjoying the moment and using bleach in my netty pot. I, however, came in contact with one of the worst offenders of bad vibes and bad germs…children.

I spent two days with no voice.  It gave me time to reflect. I reflected that I missed talking.  As a motivational speaker, my voice is my most important tool in my proverbial tool-belt.   As always, I like to learn from my setbacks. I will  keep cue cards and sock puppets in that tool-belt from now on.

I also spent some of my down time in throws of a Thera-Flu high.  As you know, Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer doesn’t endorse any unnatural forms of altering one’s state of mind.  I use the power of the warm, lemony drink strictly to heal my occasional  bouts of influenza.  I enjoy Thera-Flu’s  healing powers and its accompanying  vibrant colors and mystical creatures that I dance with in the moonlight.

Everyone should be happy to know that, Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer, is back on top again.  My health is better and I look forward to tackling more topics with you!

Until next time, gang!



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