Sometimes I Can’t Get My Clothes Off Fast Enough

It’s Getting Hot In Here

My pulse rises, my breath becomes short, beads of sweat appear on my brow, and in a frenzy, I start tearing away layers of clothing. I’m practically out of breath explaining it.

Lately, this bizarre ritual has been occurring when I’m in the car, my daughter’s car – say whaaaat?

WOW! Am I a tease or what?

Allow me to explain. My body temperature has always been under 98 degrees. I tend to feel heat faster than other people, so when I go for a drive with my youngest daughter and her kids, who drive in a 90-degree car, the moment I realize that I am sitting in a sauna, I frantically start ripping off my clothes.

My daughter and grandchildren don’t want Grandma naked in a car (sounds like a great movie or song title, doesn’t it – Grandma Naked in a Car), I get to turn down the heat or open a window.

Another reason for these ridiculous waves of heat is something that SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING to me! You see, I am POST menopausal. Post = after. After = done. But am I done? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My hot flashes didn’t start until AFTER (repeat AFTER) POST (repeat POST) menopause!

How does that happen? Let me explain. I am a statistical anomaly. Anytime something gets explained statistically, as in such and such is 99.99% effective, statistics leave open that .01%. That’s where you’ll find me. In more situations than I care to remember, I am that person.

So while many people my age flock to Florida for the heat, I’m thinking Alaska. And yet, when my friend offered to pay my way for a trip to Florida, I gleefully thanked her (I haven’t been on a vacation where I haven’t been responsible for caring for children for years) and agreed to go. I just hope she and her other passengers don’t mind me sitting naked in her car.

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One thought on “Sometimes I Can’t Get My Clothes Off Fast Enough”

  1. I have to be careful in my wife’s new car. It has heated seats with a switch that I often accidentally push when I sit down in the driver’s seat. I’m driving along, when I suddenly realize, that it’s getting hot! Of course, it continues to heat up for a while after I’ve turned it off, due to the conduction delay time. My normal body temperature is also low, near 97 degrees.

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