Strange things happen on pedestals.

And so the inevitable happens. We all know and agree that Steve Buscemi is one of the finest actors around. Steve Buscemi himself knows this. He often works with the Coen Brothers and is not afraid to speak fast. Relative new kid on the block, Ryan Gosling specialises in saying little and looking moody. A bit one-dimensional for some, Derek Cianfrance directed him in Drive and The Place beyond the Pines which were both excellent films. We’ve spoke a little about veteran Buscemi and  newcomer Gosling and I’m not going to mock Gosling and have teenage girls hunt me down. We do however need to be careful with those we deem worthy to place on a pedestal for strange things happen on pedestals:


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12 thoughts on “Strange things happen on pedestals.”

    1. There’s a school of thought and I don’t know how well they’re taught, who believe that when a picture of Steve Buscemi is mixed with that of a younger man, the outcome will always be Maculey Culkin!

      1. Bill, it give a whole new meaning to why Culkin was “Home Alone”! lol

    1. Now there’s a story behind the duct tape that involves a certain deep filled hatred for Bon Jovi but more on this never 😉

    1. If I could choose to be any of the three, I know who I’d choose but that’s only because Home Alone is such a classic!

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