Take my advice before someone else does.

Very often Bill Y will give advice and to be perfectly honest, most of it isn’t that good. I’ve told you how to pretend you’re listening to someone when you’re not even in the same room as them, how to tell if you really are the millionth visitor to that website and how to know good advice from bad advice. Well today’s advice takes it to the next level. Today’s advice tells you how to make sure your new flat screen TV is going to remain your flat screen TV and not somebody else’s and if you don’t like your neighbor, well then it just gets even better:


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6 thoughts on “Take my advice before someone else does.”

    1. Old TV’s are the best. The picture on flat screens don’t even come close to the old CRT’s.

  1. Yeah, but what do you do when you live in an apartment building and everybody’s trash goes to the same place?

    1. I can see the dilemma alright. The way Y sees it, you have two choices:

      a) Move

      2) Don’t gat a flat screen TV.

    1. Nothing I’ve ever done has been described as sage or coherent. Ah who am I kidding, I don’t know what sage means. Am off to look it up now! Thanks Don Don’s!

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