The Book of the Country

Of the many, many, many things that I can’t afford to do, traveling is one of them. I’m lucky because I travel to some great places in my imagination but even that’s becoming expensive as I pilot this space shuttle from planet to planet. Next to conventional travel with a passport and vaccination, did you know that there are many books available that have words and pictures? Some of these books can take you on a magical journey to a destination of choice. Today, I’m going to Canada:


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7 thoughts on “The Book of the Country”

  1. Just a few questions:

    1. Why is the book on the rug, and whose feet are those at the top right corner?

    2. Why is the girl in the white dress (which I am assuming is a First Communion dress, because a bridal outfit on a kid is just bizarre) carrying a baseball bat? Is she planning a premature “baseball bat wedding?” If so, the boy looks like he would take off and run if someone hadn’t made him hold the cat.

    3. Which of the characters in the picture is named “Canada,” or is this book with the crazy picture on the cover really about the country?

    1. Ah Kathy, I want to answer all of those questions so much but I don’t know any of the answers. This happened me all throughout college and I managed to waffle my way through it but that was years ago now and I can’t remember the trick. Let me get back to you on this!

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