The Business Mindset

Whether or not you care for the woman or her products, you’ve got to admit that Martha Stewart is one savvy businessperson. From a beginning as just another cookbook author, she’s managed to create a publishing and catalog-business empire. According to her Wikipedia page, she was the first “self-made” female billionaire in the US.

But you don’t get there just through hard work and a little insider trading. Nope, you need the ability to identify a hot trend and move quickly, with a new product that stands out from the crowd. So I was not at all surprised when Martha moved boldly into an entirely new market:


Breast implants. Yup, Martha realized that fake boobs are hot, but three things are lacking from today’s offerings:

1) They’re never big enough.

2) They never taste quite right.

3) In this Fifty Shades Of Grey era, they need to assist in domination and sadism. Hence, the built-in spikes.

The woman is a genius.

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