The Day I Almost Killed An Entire Family

The dark night and black roads were scary enough, but when I was given “directions” to turn at the red barn and continue until I saw a yellow house with a thatched roof, I knew I was in trouble. I want DIRECTIONS, people! Not landmarks!


Still, I moved on, wondering why I ever agreed to sell these home furnishings products in the first place – oh yeah, I remember – for the money. I should never have consented to throw a party in a home that was so far out in the boonies, though. I wasn’t even given real directions, but I said yes, and, being the professional that I am, I had to honor my commitment.

After about an hour and a half, I found the block where I thought the home HAD to be, but this brand new block had no streetlights, so I had to park my car in the street (hoping I was actually still on the street) and walk up to each house to see the numbers on the houses.

Several houses later, when I realized the address pattern, I at last found the home where I would sell my goods. Thank God!  –  And the family had just arrived home. – What luck! They stood in front of their home staring out at me as I headed straight toward them. I had to unload an entire car’s worth of goods, so I was glad for the help – hopefully.

But – what’s going on? The man is grabbing his entire family and in great urgency, flinging them into the house and slamming the door behind him.

Well, THAT was confusing. Then again, nobody had ever met me – except for the wife who invited me to demonstrate the products at her home and I’m sure she didn’t know what kind of car I drove – so perhaps her husband was just being cautious.

Then again, perhaps he thought I was speeding across his front lawn to massacre his entire family – in the pitch black of the night, until the family turned on their porch light, I hadn’t seen the circular driveway that wrapped around the front lawn in front of me and around me until my car fell over the curb and landed on it.

Deja vu – read Want to Be a Driver’s Ed Teacher? – NO THANK YOU! to find out why.

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