10 thoughts on “The Joys of Marriage”

    1. It’s true! This actually happened in my house so I felt compelled to write about it.

      In my husband’s defense, he actually did scrape my windows, but only after I gave him a guilt trip. Isn’t that what marriage is about?

  1. Chuckling! I once read something quoting a woman in the early stages of love. . .”We’re so in tune, he finishes my sentences for me.” Later it becomes, “Will you please stop interrupting me?”

    1. Surprise, surprise, I’m massively confused again. If the word on the street is to believed and marriage makes you responsible, how come unmarried Bill Y is more responsible than married Tim “Two-time Killer” Thompson from next door?

      1. Do you know the pre-marriage maturity of Tim “Two-time Killer” Thompson? Marriage could have also made him more mature, just not as mature as you are naturally (as a bachelor). Besides, what I really meant by the earlier statement was that your spouse won’t do things for you like they did when you were dating, so you have to do them yourself!

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