The logic of the small-minded person

I wouldn’t be a big fan of talking to people because you have to pretend that you’re listening to them and hopefully nod at the right moments and speak to them and not fall asleep. Sometimes when I have to be somewhere, I get Thirsty Dave to dress as up as someone who gives a damn and he takes my place. It probably wasn’t a great idea to do it on my wedding day but I didn’t really want to get married anyway so it’s all good. The best thing about not talking to people is not having to pretend to listen to them. I don’t care about your knitting blog or how many cats you have or why yoga is good for the mind as well as the body so close the door when you leave. I don’t want you to think I’m in a bad mood because this is me in a good mood. Before you ask me what puts me in bad form, I’ll tell you what puts me in bad form. The logic of the small-minded person, puts me in bad form:


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4 thoughts on “The logic of the small-minded person”

  1. I’ve pinned some funny cat pictures that I found in other places to Pinterest. I guess that makes me a cat who does silly things that people take pictures of.

  2. I’m so sorry Don Don’s. If we follow this logic to the letter of the law, you are in fact a labrador!

  3. So, go back to how you made Thirsty Dave dress up as you on your wedding day? HA HA Great post and great point! I reblogged a picture of a labrador so am I a dog?

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