The Nature That Surrounds

Our actions define who we are and that’s all very well but until Jill Y and I can come up with a way of becoming invisible, we’ll have to remain visible. Although not the type of people to embrace stress in any shape or form, sometimes you don’t want the media to document every movement and thought you make and think. Even the Bon Jovi fan deserves some time to reflect on the ifs and buts of everyday life but what do you do when the prying eyes refuse to pry elsewhere? You take your better half and have a picnic by the lake, complete with camouflage that blends seamlessly into the nature that surrounds:


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6 thoughts on “The Nature That Surrounds”

  1. Why are women always expected to appear in bikinis in photographs while men are fully dressed?

    Come on, guys! Dig out those speedos! 😉

    1. Ah Don Dons there’s so many stories about the masks that we keep in the car and these stories will be unveiled as time funks on by!

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