The New Barbie!


Have you heard about the new Barbie doll? In keeping with all the Hollywoodites who provide plastic surgeons with cushy cushy lifestyles, this doll is more contemporary than her predecessors – she comes with implants! Everything from DDelicious to ZZowie!

AND to make them look more real (you know, lopsided), you can put EExcellent on one side, and WWow on the other. The only other difference is that this one is called, Boobie.

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5 thoughts on “The New Barbie!”

  1. Like they used to have the twisting colors of hair, maybe they can do inflatable Barbie Boobies….Working around the home.. deflate so that they don’t get in the way… Friday night at the club on a night away from Ken-doll.. full inflation.

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