The Seven Deadly Texts


By: Jhaymesisviphotography

I just read an article from a relationship expert on that highlighted the seven texts that scare men off. They were:

1) I can’t stop thinking about you

2) We need to talk

3) Ok

4) Just saw the cutest pair of shoes

5) I feel like we’re stuck in a rut

6) Anything that begins with “My mom said that we should…

7) Just ran into/spoke with (insert your ex’s name here)


REALLY? These were the scariest texts a woman can send?  No wonder these people are flunking out on and other dating sites.  Allow me to give you the REAL seven texts that will scare the crap out of any man, and these are in no particular order of importance as they are all important and, gentlemen,  if you get any of these texts, it would behoove you to run as fast as your non-commitment feet can carry you!


1) The restraining order on my ex-boyfriend is now expired.

2) I have one pill left over, and I can’t remember when I was supposed to take it.

3) Oops, never mind. I remember.  There is a + sign…uh oh.

4) My college roommate wants to come over and join us tonight…Did I tell you I roomed with a guy.

5) Why are you ignoring me? I sent 100 texts before this! Don’t ever ignore me!

6) Is this the correct way to spell Chlamydia?

and last but not least…

7) How much money do you make again?



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16 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Texts”

  1. Donna, I could have used your texts when I was single. The only text my husband (Pete) fears is, “Hon, we R out of beer!”

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