There, problem solved, argument over.

Bill Y wouldn’t be a big fan of conflict, preferring instead to laugh at life through the eyes of a deluded, misunderstood genius who will not give up trying to figure out how those damn magnets work. The first of life’s big questions involves floating M&M’s but the second big question asks how it all began, life that is not floating M&M’s. I’ve carefully ignored both sides of this argument and I think we might just have something to chill out and appease both sides:


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8 thoughts on “There, problem solved, argument over.”

  1. Has anyone noticed that there are two fully grown trees in this picture, plus one young tree and a couple of big orchards in the background, but there is only one apple hanging from one tree?

    Was the artist too lazy to paint any more fruit? Or is this an indication of the primitive level of horticulture in the Jurassic Era?

  2. I love this compromise into two very different theories. I am having a tough time discerning which dinosaur is Adam and which is Eve though. THey need better pictures.

  3. This is an evolved creation for sure! But now the real question is: Who or what made the apple tree? I guessing there is a large Johnny Appleseed contingent in the answers!

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