Traveling Faster than Superman!

I remember watching the reruns of Star Trek as a kid and thinking, “If only we could beam ourselves anywhere we wanted to go.” Well, that is not going to happen anytime soon; however, entrepreneur Elon Musk is literally on the track of a new and exciting mode of transportation that will make coast to coast and international travel not only fast but fun.

Musk is using pneumatic technology—think bank drive-thru teller tubes that travel at speeds up to 4,000 MPH—to vacuum suck travelers to their destinations.  Obviously, there is more to it than this, but I will leave it up to the engineers to learn and dispense the technical information. What is important is that the high-tech trains will be able to complete a New York to Los Angeles trip in about 45 minutes.

This new technology is very hush hush and some say that Musk has already completed a secret train prototype and that Donald Trump of all people has volunteered to be the first human to be sucked through the blazing fast traveling tube.  While no sources will confirm this fact,’s investigative reporters were able to follow Mr. Trump and this is what they found:

This is Mr. Trump in New York City at 12:45 PM



and thanks to our west coast operative, this is Mr. Trump in  Los Angeles at 1:30 PM ET.

Donald Trump windblown

What other evidence do you need?

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15 thoughts on “Traveling Faster than Superman!”

  1. But I would miss sitting in the middle seat of an airplane pinned between someone who feels that they are in their own living room and has to take off their shoes and someone who requested a window and has to get up an pee 3 time an hour!!

  2. Would passengers be required to go through astronaut training before taking their first trip?

    That sudden acceleration could take the unaware by very unpleasant surprise!

  3. Donald Trump can volunteer all he wants, to be the first human to travel this way but I reckon; nay, I know that he is not human and that his hair is NOT real despite what he might have us believe!

  4. No thanks. Never been in a subway before but the thought of being stuck between destinations when a power outage occurs is too unnerving for me. If God intended us to travel through tubes he would have made us all as red blood cells.

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