Unicorn Bites 8/19/13

By: Sebastian Dooris

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2 thoughts on “Unicorn Bites 8/19/13”

  1. I am the oldest of three siblings. My parents took all kinds of baby pictures of me. When my sister came along four years later, they didn’t take any of her. I think they took one baby picture of my brother, and that was only because a photographer friend was taking pictures of all of us at once.

    One of my baby pictures is torn in half. This happened when my mother was going through them. My sister, who was maybe two or three years old at the time, got angry because there were no pictures of her. She took one of my pictures and tore it right down the middle.

    Ah, sibling rivalry!

    1. I vowed that wouldn’t happen when I was a parent, but I underestimated the power of my own laziness. At this point, my plan is to lie to my kids. All babies look the same, so I’ll just relabel pictures of the first kid to make it look like we took photos of the others.

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