What If…

I have seen the light and it’s a big fluorescent thing that has changed me forever. We do things because it’s the thing to do. If I, under massive duress, watch The Voice and somehow don’t get physically sick, I might tell Scurvy Jane that she should make Thirsty Dave watch The Voice as a punishment for being himself. Before you know it, other girlfriends and wives start making their insignificant others, do the same thing. Throw in social media, a hint of pop culture and a sprinkling of paid endorsements from a superstar or two and it becomes part of daily life. Before you can say “honey, I’m just going to work late this evening if that’s okay”, man is chained to the television to watch The Voice. You can laugh at this if you want because I know it seems completely absurd but allow me to throw a question into the mix:


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6 thoughts on “What If…”

  1. Good God, Bill, you have stumbled on a cosmic truth. While you’re at it, would you tell everyone that they don’t have to post on Facebook when they get the stomach flu? Some things I don’t need to know.

    1. Maybe we should just step back and look at this again. I NEED to know who gets the stomach flu on Facebook. No day would be complete without knowing this. You sir, are obviously not well!. How is your stomach feeling?

        1. Unlock the two priests in the back of your car and take two cloves of garlic. There’s no charge for this one.

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