When you’re a head…

Pieces of the soundtrack were falling into place. The shadows of the shadows were feeling at home. Selena didn’t know what the night had in store and if she had, she would have stayed at home, forever. At 8am, she went to the airport to meet her mother. Nobody knows what happened next but one of them completely lost the head:


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10 thoughts on “When you’re a head…”

    1. That reminds me, I need to set up a Facebook page for one-headed twins to highlight such discrimination!

    1. Now I have done that a lot lately alright. I’ll have to stop it though, this is how you get a reputation!

    1. We all know that women are caring and sharing people and this just illustrates this perfectly!

    1. It’s … almost ….as …. if …. they …..actually ……became…….one and the same………

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