Which religion cares the most about the homeless?

As a non-clever person, it always amazes me to see how inventive people can be, when they really need to be. On May 28, 2002, Luciano Pavarotti and James Brown sang “It’s a Man’s World” as part of a concert called “Pavarotti & Friends” benefiting the people of Angola. If you’ve never watched it, you can do so on YouTube. It’s one of the greatest performances ever and whoever decided to pair those two guys together to sing that particular song, deserves all our praise. It really hurts me to admit this but Jon Jovi also sang with Pavarotti that night and well, it wasn’t awful. Right enough of that already. I can’t see how much this guy made but I pray to insert own brand of religion here that he cleaned up:


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8 thoughts on “Which religion cares the most about the homeless?”

  1. It looks like the atheists and agnostics are the winners. Either that, or they are just the biggest show-offs.

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