Why do religious organizations choose to recruit people in the bathroom?

En route to Philadelphia, my Megabus made a rest stop, and when I went to use the bathroom, I saw this.


To urinate? Yes.

But when I flipped the card over, it was all about Judgement Day.


Clearly, this was intentional. The “Are You Ready?” side of the card is enticing enough for anyone to flip it over. However, I just don’t get why religious groups target bathroom stalls. Is it because of the ungodly naughtiness that goes on at night in these places? Or do they believe people achieve ultimate enlightenment on the can? For some reason, I picture these religious members sneaking around like elves, placing the cards on toilet paper containers and giving each other high fives. Yes. This will get those heathens on our side.

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6 thoughts on “Why do religious organizations choose to recruit people in the bathroom?”

  1. How to make sure you are a real failure at evangelization:

    1. Make sure you have a captive audience, as Donna says.

    2. Make a lot of statements using hyperbole and ask a lot of questions, one after another, that nobody can actually answer.

    3. Try to scare the stuffing out of people.

    4. When people turn tail and run, tell yourself it’s not your fault. You have done your duty in spreading the word and sowing the seed. Those poor infidels will go to hell without your help.

    1. Double-posting to add that Catholics should be considered especially hell-bound, for reasons that Catholics never understand, and don’t really care to try to understand, because it’s such a pain in the butt.

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