WWII Jews Intolerant of Nazi Beliefs That They Should Be Murdered

OPINION – The recent “Duck Dynasty” flap has exposed the dark underbelly of our self-described “tolerant” society. As you know, Phil Robertson of the acclaimed A&E series was recently featured in GQ Magazine where he simply voiced his tightly held convictions that gays will burn and blacks were much happier being enslaved.

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Sure, these views might sound abhorrent to the average citizen, but these are his spiritual and religious views, and everyone must tolerate each other’s religious views because they are in a protected class of views because Jesus. But these intolerant masses unfairly dismissed the ignorant remarks instead of tolerating them. And A&E did the same. Why can’t we all be more tolerant?

This kind of intolerance has been practiced for a long time. WWII Jews were highly intolerant of the Nazis’ tightly held conviction that Jews should be killed. It was well out of place and highly intolerant of them to claim that the Nazis should not have those beliefs. They really did believe strongly that Jews should be killed and the Jews should have respected that.

As a result, it was also wrong that the Nazis lost their coveted reality show over a few inconvenient beliefs. They did however, get lots of coverage on the History Channel when there was actually history on it.

Practice tolerance. Every day.

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4 thoughts on “WWII Jews Intolerant of Nazi Beliefs That They Should Be Murdered”

  1. Those of us who are actually trying to follow the teachings of Jesus get pretty upset at people who spout off hatred in the name of Christianity. The worst thing is that they are spreading evil and downright lies. The second worst thing is that they are making all Christians look bad.

    My message to these people is: keep your stupidity to yourselves. Better still, READ the Gospels in their entirety, THINK about what you are reading and get some sense! And if you ever do read the entire Old Testament, bear in mind that the laws Moses gave to the Israelites were designed for a group of desert nomads who were living an entirely different kind of existence than the one we have today.

    I’d better stop before this gets too long.

  2. WTF? It appears every kind of evil is tolerable as long as you can use religion as a handy rationale.

    Nah. Religion, in the cases where evil is even slightly tolerated is in itself, evil.

    Phil Robertson is being defended on the grounds that it’s his right to think whatever he wants. Which is true. Nobody can regulate your thoughts. Robertson has the right to intolerant thought and to be as stupid as he wishes.

    We, on the other hand, have the right to scold him and his religion when he uses it as his excuse to be stupid.

  3. For a deeply religious man, he is filled with a lot of other things besides the Holy Spirit. My first guess would be hatred, followed by bigotry and then the “I’m right; you’re wrong” demon. But let his Christian beliefs reign!

  4. Good points. To continue this line of thinking, All behavior is God-given. He didn’t have to make good AND evil. He IS in control of all things so the fact that he gave us evil too means it’s our god-given right to persecute anyone who doesn’t fit our view of acceptability. Besides, being nice is said to be a sign of weakness and we all know who tempts us with weakness.

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