Yes, We Need A Constitutional Convention


From the Tulsa World newspaper:

“U.S. Senator Tom Coburn urged Oklahomans on Wednesday to join the movement for a national constitutional convention to cut down an oversized federal government and counter what he repeatedly referred to as a ‘lawless’ Obama administration.”

Yup, when a President pushes a healthcare bill you don’t like and you sign it, that is the height of “lawlessness.” You’ve been duped by a criminal mastermind.

This is important because nothing less than the future of American freedom hangs in the balance. But if you’re gonna hold a constitutional convention, it can’t be done haphazardly. You need to find the appropriate building to hold it in and the perfect person to lead it. Both need to honor the gravity and importance of the situation.

Fortunately, I’ve found both. And in honor of Senator Coburn’s unflagging determination to preserve American liberty, they both happen to be located in Oklahoma.

Please visit the 2014 American Constitutional Convention here:

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3 thoughts on “Yes, We Need A Constitutional Convention”

  1. Funny post, Thomas. And a little depressing. Congress has never been more productive than they have in the last two weeks and that is why I have always been in favor of a 52-week recess.

  2. “Assistant District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said a mental competency examination could be requested if charges are filed.”

    If only this were required of our elected officials we could avoid a lot of problems

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