Ask What You Can Do For Your Country

We’ve all heard of the Trickle Down Theory. This self-serving fantasy promoted by the rich holds that cutting taxes on upper incomes leads to job creation and spurs economic activity. In reality most of that money goes into investment vehicles that do squat for the rest of America. That money is seeking returns, and it doesn’t care in the slightest where they come from. It’s like Dad blowing your college money on Lotto tickets but calling it an investment.

But Trickle Down does work in one area — romance. The other day I read about a Seattle mega-millionaire who made big money in the medical field. He had four kids by a wife who’d died years earlier. So at age 85 he decided to get remarried. To a 35-year old.

old men

If I ever become a super-rich parent, I’m gonna call my kids right after my dementia diagnose and tell them I’m marrying someone their own age. That’ll freak ’em out.

You probably know the story from here. The will somehow gets changed. The kids get cut out completely. They go to court. Is the new wife a gold-digger that pushed her grandpa/husband’s hand? Was Dad mentally fit to change the documents? Why didn’t anyone think to just split the money five ways?

But here’s the important thing — in the end all the money got spent. It flowed through the local economy like money is supposed to do. It went to lawyers, lunches near the court house, courtroom-appropriate clothing stores, stress counselors. This money did trickle down.

So if your Dad is an aging 1-Percenter, encourage him to get remarried. The later the better. Sure, it sucks for you, but you’ll be doing a really good thing for your country.

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8 thoughts on “Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”

  1. Let’s see:

    I’m in my 60’s, and to most people that means I’m over the hill as far as romance is concerned and I should just stick to knitting and writing humor.

    But to an 85 or 90 year old man I probably look like a youngster.

    Wow! I could start a whole new career, and maybe end up in the top 1 percent myself!


    1. Then, once I am filthy rich, I could become a cougar and take up with 35 year old guy.


  2. I know there’s serous money involved and I’m all for making the most of a situation but no, just no!

    1. Donna, I can assure you that lawyers are the best at taking money because we’ve been taught so well. We actually have a class about it in law school, along with another class about how to be a douchebag when parking your luxury vehicle between two parking spots.

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