After Three Months, Elusive $8 Lottery Winner Comes Forward

SEATTLE – The elusive winner of an late December lottery drawing has come forward in Washington state, after spending much of the past three months not realizing that he had indeed won $8, officials said.

I won!

Businessman Jim Foley showed up late Thursday at the Seattle office of the Washington Lottery, brandishing the winning ticket from the Dec. 28 Mega Millions drawing, lottery spokesman Alex Traverso said Friday.

Despite there being other winners in that same drawing, Foley will not have to split the $8, though the bounty will be subject to federal income tax.

Foley explained that he had been attempting to win the multi-million dollar jackpot, but set the ticket down after seeing that his first few numbers did not match. It was only months later when his wife asked him to clean up his desk that he realized that the ticket might still be worth something. Officials confirm that some tickets that do not match every number might still pay out.

Foley said that he will choose the lump sum option and will receive the entire eight dollars at once. He also added that expects that he might use the money on a “Big Gulp” and “maybe a pair of Slim Jims.”

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