All the sense was made.

Despite having a time machine and the ability to travel to the future, we just didn’t see this coming. Yesterday started like most mornings. We got out of bed and spent 20 minutes mocking each other with insults as vicious as Sid. We then we jumped into the shower. It was then, Jill Y’s turn to take the car so I decided to forget to go to work and went back to bed. And so began the nightmare where I became as untalented as the members of Bon Jovi but that’s a story for another day. I had set the alarm for 5pm. This was probably due to that fact that Jill Y arrives home at 5:01pm.  I spent the minute well and learned how to spell ‘anesthetic’. Jill Y came in, massively confused and distressed and I immediately knew something wasn’t right when she couldn’t catch her breath to speak. She usually speaks faster than Usain Bolt after a Madras. When she did calm down, she mentioned being late for work and not finding anywhere to park and something about becoming baptized. It was my turn to be stuck for words. How on earth was she late for work? She explained that she had to go to buy some trainers. I told her that she has 27,000 pairs of shoes and couldn’t understand why she would need to buy a pair of trainers before work. She then let her picture speak and all the sense was made:


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6 thoughts on “All the sense was made.”

  1. Being old of age it took me a minute to get the joke. However my granddaughter got it right away because she was wearing a pair. I hate kids! 😉

    1. None of us believe you’re old enough to have a granddaughter Deb and for what it’s worth, I still don’t get the joke! 😉

  2. You know, it seems a waste to post a sign saying there are no vans in the drive when everyone can clearly see for themselves that there are none.

    1. Jill Y might argue with you on this one and you really don’t want to argue with her!

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