An Ode to My Dance Audition

3-18-2014 8-54-35 AM

Believing I’d make a good Lancelot

is why I auditioned for the Spamalot.

I figured with casting, I had a good chance,

but auditions required I sing, act, AND dance.


In past dance auditions, I’ve made quite a name

for being the one that’s tremendously lame.

I move with a style best described as confusion

with flailings and stumbles and awkward obtrusion.


But donning my jazz shoes, I looked past my fear

of failing and then made it perfectly clear

to myself you get nothing if you never try.

If dreams are for making then make sure they’re high.


Day one of auditions was not very long.

It ended from singing just only one song.

And news to return to show what I’ve got

when dancing and read for the part Lancelot.


Day two was the callback, and that I did dread

’cause I knew choreography was coming ahead.

I took a deep breath, and learned what I could

but have to admit I was not very good.


Most auditionees learned it effortlessly.

Yet I’m bouncing through it like I have to go pee.

They twirled and they stepped; a synchronized flock

while I stumbled around like I just learned to walk.


I admit to the fact that I’m not the best,

and surprised they didn’t make me take a drug test

’cause I don’t seem to know my left from my right

and groove like a man that’s incredibly white.


I left the audition with feelings of dread,

and wanted to go home and crawl into bed.

But one thing I hope that you learn from this page,

It takes more than looks to end up on the stage.

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