Ancient Aliens in Hollywood?

Hollywood is always abuzz with scandals but this one involves not only one of the most beloved stars but the star of one of History Channel’s most popular shows “Ancient Aliens”.  As an intrepid reporter whose skills probably now fall short of those journalists employed by STAR magazine, I came across this eerie connection.  The problem that we encounter in this mystery is:  Is Phyllis Diller this guy’s mother or did some alien force bring Phyllis Diller to Earth and she is his child. I have been unable to uncover any facts, and so this will remain as deep a mystery as Area 51. All I can say is “You be the judge.”


Phyllis and friend

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10 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens in Hollywood?”

  1. Now I do not know either of the above aliens but it looks to me as if they’re on the same medication.

  2. Oh, no! I must be an alien too. I look exactly like Phyllis Diller does when I brush my hair (which is why I NEVER brush my hair until I am naked and stepping immediately into the shower).

  3. Yes they are most definitely aliens and I’m amazed they’ve passed on the trait of “Jazz Hands”!

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