Are They Really Different?


We keep seeing these stories about how different the rich are. You know, they supposedly ease through life spending their time doing highly civilized things. Foreign things, like listening to classical music at the Vienna Opera House followed by hob-knobbing over champagne and canapés. And once they’re sufficiently cultured, they fly home on a private jet.

I’m starting to doubt the premise that the rich are different from the rest of us. I think they struggle with frustration and disappointment just like everyone else does. Take the photo above. It’s from a recent classical music concert at the Vienna Opera House. Allegedly, some millionaire paid Kim Kardashian $500k to attend the concert. The guy was old enough to make the Crypt-Keeper from Tales From The Crypt look young and sprightly.


I’ll bet the contract held that Kim would get paid to not attend, and her screw-up raised tensions in the reception area, leading to the fight. But one thing is certain – if you made me wear a monkey suit in a gaudy room and listen to classical music with a Kardashian, I’d be throwing punches too.

But check out the fight photo. Details are still forthcoming, but I’m pretty sure that’s former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner throwing the right hook. The other guy is probably a banker who’s still pissed because he didn’t get his bailout.

But what do you see that’s really unusual (apart from guys in tuxes throwing punches and it’s not at a reality star’s wedding)? Yup, the younger guy isn’t spilling a single drop of his $10,000-a-bottle Chateau Lafitte.

Yes, the rich struggle with emotions, just like the rest of us. They get upset. But they know what’s really important in this life.

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4 thoughts on “Are They Really Different?”

  1. Those bastards go to wine college and learn how to never spill a drop. Makes me sick it does.

  2. I wonder if the biggest thing that would piss off Timothy Geithner would be if someone walked up to him at a posh event and reminded him that the government doesn’t actually have any real money … just printing presses.

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