Burping and Farting Cows Burn Down Barn

By: Jelle

Belching and farting cows are blamed for an explosion in a barn in Germany.  Apparently, the gaseous emissions from about 90 cows raised the methane in the barn to dangerous levels before reacting with static energy from a massaging machine in the structure which resulted in the explosion.

According to unspecified reports, when the fire chief asked the farmer what happened, the farmer replied, “Burping, farting and then Cow-Boom!”  The fire chief was not amused.



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11 thoughts on “Burping and Farting Cows Burn Down Barn”

  1. Part of me would love to understand the German sense of humor but the rest of me couldn’t care less!

    1. Some historians theorize that a meteor shower caused the several fires that broke out in Chicago and areas north at the same time … but since the cow was actually seen at the crime scene, she’s the prime suspect.

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