Cat Owner’s Guide to Home Decor

Most people think that having a cat in the house means the end of a clean, clutter-free home.

Allow me to prove those pretentious misconceptions wrong by sharing my own home decor advice that any cat owner can follow.


Above, you will see a dull pre-cat home.  Everything is in order, and it’s pretty boring.  But below


Layers of towels and blankets can be delightfully strewn upon the sofa to collect the cat hair.  Feel free to play with this idea by using fun patterns and colors, amusing even the most snobbish of interior decorators.  For a splash of whimsy, add a cat scratcher accent to the corner of the sofa.  The disheveled pillows tell any guest that the host has given up long ago.

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8 thoughts on “Cat Owner’s Guide to Home Decor”

  1. I love this! And oh, do I understand!

    My Harmony managed to destroy two miniblinds on two windows, forcing me to buy Roman shades. My present apartment also has miniblinds, but I have learned to leave them slightly raised, to give Harmony room to slide under them, so that she won’t try to climb through them

    And, of course, there are the obligatory cat toys on the floor, not to mention the “turbo scratcher,” the kitty condo and the scratching pad. And I just cannot throw out any cardboard box right away, because Harmony wants to use it as a combination bed and fort, until she gets bored with it.

    My favorite armchair is well decorated with cat scratches. It’s no use having it re-upholstered, because Harmony will just look on it as a new scratching post.

    Why do I put up with this? I love my kitty!

    1. Thanks, Kathy.
      We do the exact same thing with mini-blinds in our condemnable home except for the master bedroom (because it faces the street and we don’t want the general public to see us in the master bedroom). Unfortunately, Mr. Tiddles uses these blind to wake us up when he wants to be fed. He jumps on the nearby dresser, extends his paw, and strums the damn blinds like a guitar over and over again.
      And I agree. I do this because I love the cats…..and Xanax.

  2. As the human pet of two cats I must ask that you add the half-eaten dead mouse proudly displayed on one of the pillows. 😉

    1. You are so correct, Deb. Unfortunately, my heathens have not shared such gifts with me (makes me wonder if they really do love me). A tip I reluctantly pulled from the article was the painting of walls and floors with hairballs and upchuck. That would have just been too gross, and I didn’t want to scare off my new audience.

      1. LOL, not too much scares us here at HO! And the hairballs usually adorn my lovely kitchen and bathroom rugs. Funny article Cary!

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