Caution Is Advised


The other day at the gym I was taking a break from doing workout sets. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling drained from physical exertion. No, I was sick of women bugging me by asking how I managed to lift such massive amounts of weight. One even asked if I was running for Governor.

But I digress. During my break I read a newspaper story about car thefts in Utah. Apparently, large numbers of people are leaving their cars running and unattended in the morning before they head to work. This is due to the crazy-cold weather they’ve been having. And other people are slipping up the driveway and stealing those cars.

Authorities suspect that the guy from the show Sister Wives is behind the thefts. Which makes sense. If you’ve ever shared a car with your spouse, you know how difficult that can be. Now imagine having to share that car with four wives (and 16 kids!).

But don’t worry, Utahans. There’s a simple way to ensure that your car doesn’t end up in the Sister Wives fleet – leave it in the garage when you fire it up. But be sure to close and lock the garage door. And stay with the car inside the garage. Because twenty-one hungry people bent on theft can cover a lot of ground in no time flat.

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4 thoughts on “Caution Is Advised”

  1. And after the Sister Wives people have come and rescued you in the nick of time, they’ll be sure to put you on television with them!

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