Comedian Offended by Own Self-Deprecating Joke

New Jersey comedian Mick Kirkland has called for a boycott of the remaining dates on his east coast comedy tour. Kirkland is still incensed over a self-deprecating joke that he made about his own weight.

Mick Kirkland

“I was attempting to make fun of myself by comparing my shape to that of a walrus. It really killed with the audience, but once I got to thinking about it…and seeing everyone laughing at me…it really hurt. I definitely crossed the line and I was not fair. I shouldn’t have said that about myself. I don’t know that much about myself. I could have some kind of medical condition that makes it hard for me to lose weight. I could just have a lot of kids and be just plain busy. I don’t know me! It’s really disgusting what I did, and I won’t stand for it.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Making jokes about people’s weight is never appropriate. It’s never funny to say hurtful things like that. I just hope I catch myself before I start making jokes about my own mixed Irish-English heritage.”

Kirkland’s comedy tour visits several venues from Massachusetts to North Carolina and runs until May 7th.

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4 thoughts on “Comedian Offended by Own Self-Deprecating Joke”

  1. Although this is hilarious, it also hints at the negative talk a lot of us have in our heads! I’m no fan of being PC for superficial reasons, but we all deserve respect and that starts with ourselves. (Sorry for the serious comment on a humor site!)

  2. This guy is a flippin’ genius. Reminds me of a local comedy group that advertised for their “Last Show Ever” every single week.

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